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Cloud Technologies

План перехода на облачные технологииCompanies operating in the financial services, retail, hospitality, and healthcare industries all face a similar challenge - providing enterprise-grade IT to remote offices and branch offices with the same levels of performance, security, and service that the head offices enjoy. 

Many obstacles stand in the way of achieving that goal:

  • Too much physical infrastructure;
  • Inconsistent systems;
  • Lack of local IT skills;
  • Poor service levels;
  • Spiraling remote site support costs;
  • Increased demand for advanced local applications.

Offering simple, scalable hybrid IT backed by a managed services model, the HPE significantly reduces the cost of remote office IT while improving efficiency and ensuring that your IT is fully secure and maintained, regardless of the number of sites your company manages. They are pre-integrated with cloud services and managed remotely from the cloud.These right-sized and tightly integrated compute, storage, networking, and virtualization appliances are deployed onsite at each remote office and branch office.  This way, the systems can provide an efficient, flexible, secure, and consistent hybrid IT solution for each remote office and branch office.

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