Main Activities ∕ DMF-I



Direct Managed Fulfillment - International – the unique program which allows Customers to get advantages  from work with certified partners of HP and HPE.

Main benefits to the Customer: 

1. Operational tracking of the order from beginning to end for B2B.
2. Possibility of the choice of the Partner of HP or HPE for work in the DMF-I program.
3. Control of the HP or HPE  team of activities of certified partners.
4. Transparency of pricing.

Process of the order according to the DMF-I program is performed as follows:

  • The customer sends a request in HP or HPE with desire of participation in the DMF-I program - 
  • HP or HPE checks the Customer's compliance to requirements for work to the program - 
  • The agreement is signed and obtains information on certified partners of HP or HPE - 
  • The customer chooses the partner for work in the DMF-I program - 
  • The agreement on cooperation between the Customer and the certified partner of HP or HPE is signed - 
  • The wildlife area sends a request to the partner for purchase of the equipment of HP or HPE - 
  • The partner places the order in HP or HPE on the B2B portal - 
  • HP makes the equipment and sends it to the partner - 
  • The partner carries out customs clearance of the equipment and brings him to the Customer - 
  • The partner carries out installation of the equipment at the Customs area.

Specialists of Paladin:

1.  Will professionally consult at the choice of the equipment;
2.  Will help with order placement;
3.  Will provide a flexible payment system;
4.  Will execute the order precisely and in time;
5.  Will perform delivery of the order to a door;
6.  Will train your employees;
7.  Will perform aftersales service at you on the place, or in the certified HP or HPE service center.