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Internet of Things

internet of thingsThe Internet of things (IoT) gives an opportunity of communication and interactions of different devices (the equipment, products, products) as a part of a united system and the environment. In oppinion of business challenges and processes of IoT creates conditions for development and enhancement of IT infrastructure with an output on intellectual device management and operational processes. Application of internet technologies for creation, the organizations and implementations of opportunities of communications of machines (M2M) is intended to increase efficiency of their operation.

Paladin specializes in three key directions:

  • Equipment for connection and protection of IoT
  • Systems for peripheral calculations of IoT
  • Communication and protection of IoT

By assessment of analysts, shortly the Internet of things  will cover more than 20 millions devices established on the periphery of traditional networks. These devices make huge amounts of unique data which can use for fast receipt of analytical information for business optimization.

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