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Citrix Systems

Citrix Systems — the American company founded in 1989 and which is engaged in development of software solutions for virtualization, creation of computer networks, the organization of cloud computing, including development of a hypervisor of Xen open source.

Staff of the modern organizations needs the free and flexible access to information resources and also effective tools for interaction and collaboration. At the same time, the organizations faced the first serious obstacle. It turned out that the free virtual access is often impossible because of incompatibility between different platforms, infrastructures, applications and data transfer protocols. The Citrix company tried to solve the designated problem, having offered the organizations of means for central management and support of applications. Working with the offered products, users can address applications, manipulate data and processes and also to interact with colleagues from any device or with use of any standard connection. Locating thousands of clients worldwide, the Citrix company by right is considered the leader in the development area of the virtual jobs.

Specialists of Paladin propose to customers all solutions the Citrix companies which ensure effective functioning of jobs and the IT equipment.

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