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Hewlett Packard Enterprise

After the separation with Hewlett Packard in 2015 the company inherited business in a segment of corporate clients — realises servers, storage systems of data, storage networks, a network equipment, konvergetny systems, and also is engaged in creation of cloudy infrastructures, system integration and develops the software for the organizations.
partner platinum status hpe
The Paladin
is one of the leading partners of HPE in the corporate market
of IT services in Russia and has the Platinum status of authorization.

Our company offers a complete set of the products and services made by HPE:
  • lines of servers; 
  • systems of storage and archiving of data;
  • network equipment;
  • cluster server solutions;
  • software;
  • HPE Foundation Care.
The Paladin group of companies together with HPE realizes different programs for customers concerning a study of the latest technologies at competence HPE Centres abroad, visits of the leading international IT exhibitions and conferences, and also preproject testing of equipment rooms and software on the basis of demonstration center, privileged training of experts of the customer in the HPE training center in Moscow and others.

The skill level and competence of specialists of the company conforms to the most strict requirements of HPE and are increased permanently after development of IT at the European level.

 Hybrid IT Certificate