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Extended warranties

Post-Warranty Maintenance can be purchased either at the time of product purchase or at any time during or after the Base Warranty period expires.

HP Care Pack

HP Care Pack Services provide you with extended support for your hardware, covering parts and labor. You can choose service level depending on your business requirements and equipment mission (is it critical or it may wait with repair). 

  • Minimize unplanned downtime and resolve downtime faster
  • Access to firmware updates 
  • Control Costs (no unexpected costs for out of warranty, per-event services). 
  • Wide choice of service levels.

 chech your HP warranty

 HPE Packaged Support Services

HPE support services expand and extend standard warranties for HPE hardware and software, providing hardware and software support, alongside installation and education services. 

chech your HPE warranty

  • Wide portfolio of packaged support service 
  • Longer warranty period (standarad coverage perios is fron 1 up to 3 years)
  • Protection of your business from downtown (different coverage levels and response time)  
  • Renewals opportunities
  • Software support
  • Control of costs (no unexpected costs for out of warranty, per-event services). 
  • Deployment of new hardware and software is included that helps to prevent system downtime.
  • Rapid connection to technical solution specialists
  • Personalized proactive reports with analysis, recommendations
  • Collaborative support with other It vendors

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