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Financial IT Services

The new world of IT requires more than your standard IT or financial solution. It requires the flexibility to adapt to change as it happens, with the control to access the information you need (when you need it) to best manage your IT investment strategy.
Paladin aspires to help customers to find the best and economically efficient IT solution, to install it on good terms, reduce operating costs.

We offer:

                                      Financial IT Services
                                                        TI Leasing                                     IAAS                             Flexible Capacity Service

Flexible Capacity is designed for the Customer who expects to grow on a consistent basis for a minimum of 3 years and is seeking the benefits of a cloud pay-for-usage model, but who needs the infrastructure to be located at their own site. This utility service provides the Customer with pay-per-use access to HPE servers, storage, networking, software, and services.

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