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Information Security

The Paladin offers services in the sphere of information security in the directions safety management of data and safety of a seal. Within initial audit and implementation of complex of actions our specialists set the purpose to ensure safety three key components of proper level – confidentiality, safety (integrity) and availability of information according to the established differentiation of access rights (differentiation of roles). The list and content of services are determined individually proceeding from customer requirements, the revealed problems, risks and vulnerabilities.

Activities of any companies in modern conditions are integrated to risks of violation of the established level of security of data with which employees operate.

To find such option which will provide the greatest possible protection without damage to working processes, to their speed and quality, in case of optimum finance costs, – one of the main tasks of the organization of an information security system.

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                                                                       Information Security
                                                                                    Data Security                    Printing Security                 Network Security


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